What To Keep In Mind For Your Timber Flooring When You Have Pets At Home?

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Who does not love pets? They are cute, little, fluffy animals roaming around the house. Apart from giving people of mind, these animals are buddle of joy. This joy would come at a cost of damage if you have hardwood Flooring Adelaide. This could be a point to worry about as about 63% of Australian households have a pet at their homes.

When the pets are not trained properly, they seem to urinate anywhere in the house this could be bit of a problem as hardwood cannot tolerate an excess of moisture or water. Timber Flooring Adelaide is the elegant flooring of all. They look the house luxurious and elegant. Durability is what comes in handy with timber floors. They can last up to a century. Here are more things that you need to know about timber floorings especially when you have an adorable pet in the home.

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  • Train the pets to urinate at the places they are meant to be and not anywhere in the house or on the carpet.
  • When the pets urinate in the house, they not always you will be available around to wipe it off the floor.
  • Moisture and excess water are bad for the timber flooring, they seep into the wood and damage it. Excess moisture causes the floor to stain and patches that look ugly.
  • What you can do is take care of the floor regularly. Sweep the floor to keep the dirt and dust off the floor. Using a mop can help but make sure that the mop is perfectly dammed to avoid excess water on the floorings.
  • You would not know where the pets have been when they enter the house through the pet door. What if they have played in the water puddle outside and enter the house wet? Place a mat on the floor at the pet door to soak up the dirt and water.
  • Make sure you wipe off the pet urine as soon as you get to know of it. Make sure you make the pet aware that they cannot urinate like that in the home.

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  • Food and water of the pet are places on the floor usually to make it easily accessible to them. This food and water can easily land on the floor and it would be a disaster if it is hardwood flooring. You surely don’t want to have ugly patches where you place these bowls. So do not keep them on the timber floor.
  • The polish of the timber floor can have scratches if it is exposed to sharp surfaces like heels. Along with keeping the footwear away from the floor cut the nails of the pet too. If you cannot cut their nails then take them on a walk regularly on the concrete. It will make those nails blunts without an extra effort.

With pet or without pet Timber Flooring Adelaide always need the care to be taken. Even if you accidentally damage the floor then there are professional ways to get it fixed.

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