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AVAST Secure VPN is a decent VPN option for transmitting or protecting your data in public WiFi organizations. It offers remarkably fast download speeds however we do not recommend it to anyone with good privacy needs due to its invasive logging policy.

AVAST is among the world's leading antivirus brands. However, how good is your own Disable Avastservice? AVAST Secure VPN doesn't make big claims about being the fastest or best VPN out there. But it will guarantee to safeguard your WiFi using "military-grade encryption" and will also allow private browsing everywhere. Our experts have tested AVAST Secure VPN to see if these claims are legitimate.

AVAST VPN Protection

Avast has its own central control in the Czech Republic, which is something of a warning for loneliness, as it makes the company subject to intrusive EU data retention legislation and intelligence sharing matches with various nations. AVAST's authority is at issue as a result of its comprehensive logging policy, which means that it retains the VPN connection information of each of its customers for at least 30 days. In its Privacy Policy, AVAST even conveys that it will disclose your data to "disconnected third parties" in a couple of different conditions, the main ones being:

To comply with a valid request from the authorities or ask

In accordance with a legal requirement through an official court or in the public interest

By summons from a third party

This is not something you want to meet with your VPN provider, regardless of whether AVAST Secure VPN doesn't log your actual IP address altogether. This attitude towards customer information and buyer loneliness is poor.


Registration Policy

Along with this, AVAST's most reputable Privacy Policy is incredibly long; However, there is a section dedicated to this VPN service, which clearly shows you exactly what AVAST Secure VPN logs. The information it collects contains:

The subnet of your source IP address is only a part of your IP address and can be used to identify your ISP, but not you to and from

The IP address of this VPN employee used by you

A timestamp once you interact and disconnect from the VPN

The total amount of data transmitted through your session

This is really a superfluous information step to collect for troubleshooting purposes, along with all of that which may be kept on AVAST employees for up to 30 days, or longer if they assume you are in breach of the Acceptable Use Policy. In any case, AVAST transmits that it does not track:

Your full source IP address

DNS questions while associated


Action logs: the apps/services/websites you use when connected

Regardless, this is one of the most intrusive Registry Policies we've seen and should put off clients seeking the highest levels of solitude.

Quite fast rates, as long as you are close to a VPN employee.

Speed ​​and Reliability

AVAST Secure VPN is far from fast like our fastest VPNs, but the rates are adequate for quiet customers. If you are near one of the 36 AVAST Secure VPN employee locations, the speeds will likely be fast enough for general browsing and full HD streaming on some devices without a minute delay, using a download rate drop of about 20-30%. Just be sure to test a few employee closings in the petition to determine which one gives you the fastest rates. For example, we examined in the UK; However, I found that the number of employees in the Netherlands (76 Mbps) is slightly faster than the one in our state (67 Mbps).

Exceptionally small VPN employee network covering 36 countries

The AVAST Secure VPN employee network is not large and covers only 36 countries.

Unfortunately, the AVAST site does not include the organization of its employees, making it difficult to check if the status you will need is accessible before making the purchase.

Fortunately, AVAST Secure VPN employees cover most major locations, for example, the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and many Western European states.

There are also eight states offered in the Asia Pacific, three in South and Central America, two in the Middle East, and one in Africa (South Africa). The selection of employees at the city level is surprising to optimize rates and to obtain specific material. AVAST Secure VPN's choice of 15 cities in the single US is impressive for an employee organization of the size. AVAST does not disclose the exact number of VPN employees (or IP addresses) it provides, nor does it define whether they are physical. or virtual employees.

If you want a more prominent choice of VPN employees, Hotspot Shield serves more than 80 countries.

Launch Netflix and BBC iPlayer with Streaming Optimized Employees

AVAST Secure VPN faithfully opens Netflix and BBC iPlayer with employees optimized for loading.

Previously, AVAST Secure did not work reliably with Netflix. In fact, a customer service specialist wrote about the Service Community discussion saying, "That's a problem on the provider side and we can't affect it."

However, our ongoing testing reveals that AVAST Secure VPN has since improved its access to Netflix, and we could now stream screens instantly and with very little streaming. Make sure to use the Gotham City clerk. 'Wonderland' VPN employee based in the UK tries to efficiently start BBC iPlayer with charm and real payoff.


AVAST Secure VPN is not a horrible VPN however it is not a great one. You can use Netflix and torrents, but with a privacy policy that collects an inordinate amount of customer information, unimpressive speeds, and no customer maintenance, there are many superior VPNs accessible at a similar price or less.

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