How to get married and organize wedding party in Faridabad within your budget

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The most important moment in life is marriage. Indian wedding costs a lot. In such a situation, everyone wants that he has it in his low budget. We are going to tell you some measures through which you can stay in your budget and have a luxurious wedding.

Start Wedding Preparation with Selection of Wedding Venue

Prepare the wedding by searching the banquet hall from a nice place. If you live in Faridabad, then you will find here one of the best banquet halls in Faridabad which is equipped with all facilities for marriage. Here you can also book wedding hotels to farmhouses, banquet halls with lawns. But before booking the wedding venue Faridabad in May for marriage, you must definitely check its location, its price, its reviews and its availability. According to the number of your guests, you can choose the banquet hall.

Start making wedding funds

Whether you are a bride or a bride, as soon as you start earning, from that time, start collecting funds for the Emergency Fund as well as Wedding. For example, if you start earning at the age of 24 and you save Rs 3,000 a month for 5 years, then without adding interest you will add 1.8 lakh rupees. You may not be able to spend your entire marriage with this amount, but you will definitely be able to help some of your parents.

Decide budget

The easiest way to save is to make a right budget. Sit down with your family and your partner to prepare a budget. After this, decide the expenses on everything related to the wedding such as clothes, wedding venues, food etc. By preparing the budget of spending money on wedding, where and how you can find out where expenses can be reduced.

Marry in the off season

Anne Munjal says, 'If someone marries from May to July, they get a discount on everything from the place to the catarrh. Because it is the off season. In such a situation, there are more marriages from October to February where the demand for everything is very high.

Get help from professional planner

You take the advice of a wedding planner; it will cost you less than planning your own. Wedding planners can help you a lot in event booking. Choose a planner who understands your budget. Many times planners give some references, which can help you in this work well.

Save money on guest and wedding cards

Keep the guest list short. Try to call only specific people. Do this because the marriage hall is managed by the guests. More people i.e. more space, more catering etc. Do not invite more guests if you are not financially competent. At the same time, you can save money on wedding cards. These days digital wedding card is very popular, you can use it. There are many such options in digital wedding cards these days that you can make good and attractive digital wedding cards and use them to call your friends and other guests.

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