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How to Use Common App Essay Examples

How to Use Common App Essay Examples How to Use Common App Essay Examples

How to Use Common App Essay Examples

Common App essay examples tell the story of some students who have achieved tremendous success in college and beyond. Often, these students will write essays that are far different from what most high school students expect from their first college course. However, writing the essay can be similar. The important thing to remember when writing a Common App essay is to remain true to your personal identity as well. This does not mean writing from the heart but showing that you have thought about and researched your topic thoroughly.


A good Common App essay is personal, and it's not about being the smartest, the best or the most talented. Instead, you're banking on the admissions board to pick you above anyone else, which they're more than likely to do when they feel a strong personal connection with you as a person. In your essay, you want to delve a bit into your emotions, how you formulate decisions, and how you view situations/controversies.


It's also important to remember that the format of your essay should be very different from that of most others. Most commonly used essay examples are one paragraph for each major point, with a couple paragraphs devoted to personal experiences. However, by using a Common App essay template, you can follow the AP style guidelines and still come out with a compelling essay that really expresses who you are and what you are thinking. Remember, that by far the most important part of your essay is the first paragraph - so don't neglect this area at all. There are several great sample essay examples online for you to use and modify to fit your needs.


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