The presence of bots has a strictly negative impact on the WoW Classic experience

The presence of bots has a strictly negative impact on the WoW Classic experience

Bots and their mafia have had a serious impact on the classic economy of World of Warcraft. Some projects have low value but robots are working 24/7 to achieve these goals. Because the robot mafia is crowded with commodities, only others are more valuable. Tarek Beutler of is a website that collects data from World of Warcraft. This website mainly processes data from auction houses of different classic servers of World of Warcraft. They believe that the WOW Classic Gold price of black lotus will increase six times in half a year. Only when Blizzard adds more black lotus derivatives can the price of black lotus become stable. He estimated that in the past six months, the inflation rate of US servers has averaged 2.26%, and that of EU servers has been close to 7%.

“Black Lotus for instance may be a scarce resource and might only be informed some spawn points within the world at the identical time. It's pretty easy for botters to regulate these spawns and gauge the costs, so that they go up,” Beutler says. Other resources that spawn in dungeons—which is also disconnected from the shared experience of other landscapes—don't have that restriction. Botters can speed through these dungeons, gather rare resources and dump their wares onto the house, which artificially lowers their value.

“On a macroeconomic scale, a number of these activities are a driving think about gold inflation, while others are moving gold round the Cheap WOW Classic Gold economy. All of them are harmful to ordinary players who try to goods and services within the sport economy,” says a spokesperson for the WoW Classic development team. “The presence of bots contains a strictly negative impact on the sport experience, and that we are completely aligned with our players in a very desire to eliminate them.”In any case, I believe Blizzard Entertainment will not allow robots to act arbitrarily, they have begun to pay attention. Let us calm down the heavy mood and the anger in our hearts. Now there is good news that the MMOWTS store is selling safe WOW Classic Gold at a low price. The MMOWTS store has a wide variety of goods. These golds have many functions in the game. If If you register their members at this time, you will also enjoy greater discounts.

In fact, the classic economy of World of Warcraft and real economics have a great connection. In the World of Warcraft Classic Forum, one player complained that another player manipulated 15 robots to control the Eastern Plaguelands every day for 12 to 14 hours. This was unfair. The poster said that if the player kills the robot, he will be subject to various obscene language attacks and terrorist threats. It is also reported that the bot will also restrict chat and threaten other players. Players often receive this information from the robot's account.


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