Frequently asked questions to the doctor regarding infertility and fertility

Infertility refers to the problem when a woman is not able to conceive in spite of trying for several months and years.


What is the reason for infertility?

There are different reasons which decrease fertility such as hormonal changes, blocked fallopian tube, low sperm count, overweight, and other lifestyle factors.


What is the different fertility test performed by the doctor?

The doctor performs different test such as a blood test to check the hormonal level. Additionally, for male partner complete semen analysis test is performed. To evaluate the women’s fallopian tube Saline Infusion Ultrasound or an X-ray is performed. Lastly, to check the appearance of ovaries and uterus ultrasound is helpful.


How to know which treatment is best?

If you are facing problem in getting pregnant then you should visit IVF fertility doctor in India. IVF is the best option to treat the problem and the success rate of this treatment is very high. There are many patients who are able to successfully get pregnant and become a parent.


Does the length of my cycle affect fertility?

It won’t affect your fertility unless your menstrual cycle is not regular. It makes it harder for you to know when you ovulate. Although, the length of the cycle does not leave any negative impact on fertility or does not decrease the chances of your pregnancy.