Kitnet: The wave of compact apartments is here to stay

Small apartments top the list of launches in São Paulo. Find out the advantages of investing in this type of property and how to build a functional and comfortable home even with little footage.


Leaving the parents' house is a great accomplishment. It turns out that, in most cases, buying the first apartment means acquiring a kitnet or, as is more common today, a studio. This type of apartment is the ideal size for those who are going to live alone or are newlyweds.

In kitnet apartments, short footage does not have to be a problem. You just have to face the challenge of using every inch with your head open to build a comfortable and functional home. A bespoke joinery project will be essential to create an organized home, as well as try not to accumulate unnecessary objects. strives to be Pakistan's biggest real estate developer ever, guaranteeing the highest international standards, prompt execution, and lifetime customer loyalty. With mega projects


The Shared Spaces Challenge can even bring interesting solutions in the concept of decoration

Some tricks are often used by architects and interior designers to give a sense of spaciousness to small spaces. Mirrors in the dining room, transparencies in curtains and neutral colors in the finishes are part of the list. 

“Let the personality manifest itself in another way, because the wrong color on a wall in a small apartment can bring great discomfort to everyday life. There is specific furniture for this type of environment today, which brings remarkable characteristics and more than one possibility of use for the environment”, indicates André Oliveira, an architect who works at Loft.

Get inspired by decoration projects for kitnet


Unlike what you imagine, the kitnet apartment does not necessarily have a small length. What defines what is a kitnet is the fact that the property has only one room, apart from the bathroom. Formerly known as a studio apartment, the kitnet has an integrated living room and bedroom and a compact kitchen.

“Kitnets with a maximum size of 50 m² are common. The footage is more related to the construction laws of the city where the apartment is located”, explains André. In August of this year, properties with less than 45 m² were the most sold in São Paulo, according to a survey by SECOVI-SP (Housing Union). About 3200 units were sold and more than 4300 new apartments were launched on the market.

In the case of reduced-size kitnet, many developers already provide areas for community laundry and pet space in the condominium project. After all, even in a kitnet, you can fulfill the dream of having a dog in an apartment.


The kitnet or studio apartment can be roughly defined as a small loft. They are great options both for those who are buying the first apartment to live alone and for those who want to start investing in the real estate market.

In addition to the more affordable value due to the smaller footage, these apartments are usually located in central areas and full of services, such as bars, restaurants and shopping malls. All of this attracts a young audience, who are just starting out in life and want to do the good business of living close to many leisure options. 

In kitnet decoration, bet on neutral tones and light colors for walls and finishes, so you will have a greater sense of spaciousness

According to the newspaper O Estado de S.Paulo , the São Paulo capital's Master Plan is responsible for the largest offer of small apartments, especially in denser areas, such as the Pinheiros and Vila Madalena neighborhoods. The plan establishes that buildings in the vicinity of bus corridors and subway stations have, at most, one parking space per apartment - which leads to the construction of smaller units, where a maximum of two people live. 

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The objective is precisely to discourage the use of cars in more populated areas, where public transport is available. But those who live in Pinheiros, especially the younger crowd, hardly need to take their car out of the garage, as there are four subway stations in the neighborhood, in addition to bike lanes and bus corridors.


To make a good deal you need to follow the price of the square meter in SP, more specifically the neighborhood where you want to live. In Moema, for example, the value is around 10,000 reais, says EXAME. The rebound in the real estate sector has not yet raised prices, only sales have increased. So, according to experts, this is the ideal time to buy.

Secovi shows that the launches of new projects broke a record in August, with 6,064 units launched. The study indicated the sale of 4,405 new properties. 

From January to August 2019, 28,013 units were launched and 26,434 units were sold, the best accumulated result in the survey series, which started in 2004. With the market heated, it is worth planning the purchase of an apartment, be it a kitnet or a property with more bedrooms.

The moment is also encouraging for those who want to start investing in real estate for income. The monthly survey of residential rentals of Secovi-SP (Housing Union), which monitors the behavior of the rental market in the capital of São Paulo, showed a growth of 5.90% in the accumulated period of 12 months (October 2018 to September 2019 ). 



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