Why Enrolled Agents are on Demand and How to Become an Enrolled Agent?

Enrolled agent is one of the highest credentials in the tax profession recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). iLead Tax and Business academy is a certified enrolled agent academy and they are offering classroom and online enrolled agent courses.

Why Enrolled Agents are on Demand and How to Become an Enrolled Agent? 

Enrolled Agents are authorized tax practitioners and they can represent the taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). It is one of the highest credentials for tax professionals that is recognized by the IRS. 

The responsibilities of an enrolled agent include interviewing the taxpayers or clients to understand their problem. Then prepares a strategic plan and fills the forms that are required to be submitted before the IRS. Finally representing the taxpayers before the federal authority IRS. The complexity of the work depends on the problems of clients. 

Enrolled Agent Examination

As it is the highest credential tax profession, many people join the enrolled agent course to get the enrolled agent certification. The exam is highly competitive and you need a clear understanding of US taxation laws. So, many people prefer to join a certified enrolled agent academy

The enrolled agent certification exam includes three parts covering all the aspects of federal taxation. One of the main advantages of this exam is that you can appear for exams without any college degree. And if you qualify the enrolled agent certification exam, your credential will be valid in all 50 states. 

Eligibility requirements for enrolled agent

There are certain eligibility rules for becoming an enrolled agent. The aspirant must be eligible in all aspects. 

  • The candidate must have at least 18 years’ age. 
  • The aspirant must have an active Personal Tax Identification Number (PTIN) from the IRS.
  • It is compulsory to pass all the three examinations.
  • And one of the important rules is that you must be in compliance with US laws. 

If you have 5 years of work experience in IRS, then you will be exempted from the exam. 

Enrolled Agent Course

As it is one of the toughest and competitive exams, it would be a good choice to join any certified enrolled agent academy from the enrolled agent course. Many people who are aspiring to become enrolled agents choose to join the enrolled agent course, because it will help to learn the US taxation laws and help to get enrolled agent certification. 

If you are also planning to join an enrolled agent course in Hyderabad, then choose iLead Tax and Business Academy. It is a certified enrolled agent academy with experienced faulty and enrolled agent trainers. 

The enrolled agent course includes mock test series, real time case study explanation, model paper solving of previous SEE examination. The trainers in iLead Tax and Business academy are experienced and they will take care to ensure you will get all the knowledge related to the exam and US taxation. 

The timing at iLead certified enrolled agent academy is very flexible. You can join morning, evening or weekend batches, according to your convenience. They are also offering online programs for the students who are unable to attend the class room program. 

So, if you want to become an Enrolled agent then clearing the SEE exam is compulsory and iLead Tax Academy can help you to get enrolled agent certification with the best teaching program in Hyderabad. 




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