Technologies that are Helping Mobile and Web Application Development Companies Grow

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Technology has been improved in so many years that today we can book an uber online and find the no-traffic route on smartphones. Within years technology has made virtual reality come to real life and enable humankind to experience a virtual world within their few-inch-screen. 

Moreover, the more technologies that came in it benefited app development company be it mobile or web. So, we have applications for almost everything, even for controlling the fan. 

Today in this blog, we will highlight some of the unique technologies that have changed our view of smartphones.


  • Artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence has penetrated the mobile application development company world as we are witnessing the advancements in mobile AIs like Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant.

You may even find these AIs installed on your phone just while reading the blog. In addition, the mobile application development company is now integrating software such as voice recognition to optimize the customer experience.


  • Augmented Reality

Augmented reality modifies the actual frame into a virtual frame.

Just like the applications that have face filter features like Snapchat and Instagram. 

However, mobile application development company uses this strategy to generate revenue like Pokemon Go that supported AR. It solely had 800 million downloads with over 5 million daily active users. The overall revenue generated by this game was around $1.2 billion.

At present more and more businesses are trying to consolidate AR into their mobile technology to build brand awareness, engagement, and revenue.

  • Location-based technology

There's no secret in smartphones, tablets, and mobile applications tracking your location every time and with your permission; we all are familiar with this. Each time a new application is downloaded, it requests permission to use your location like Nexonia. And some applications like Uber, Ola, Rapido, etc., don't work to their full potential without accessing your location.

That's because 7 out of 10 applications on your phone share your data with third parties to enhance their marketing campaign. For example, if a firm uses geofencing technology, it can detect where a user is and can send them targeted ads based on the location.


  • Syncing wearable technology

Wearable technology such as fitness watches, smartwatches, healthcare monitors, etc., are lately becoming popular. Since it can be pair with apps in your mobile, a mobile application development company is altogether benefited.

For example, Fitbit can track all the movements of a person wearing using an app. So one can check their bpm, how many miles or steps they walked, etc. On pairing your Fitbit to mobile applications, it can be used for social interactions; you can compare your progress with friends.

However, the popularity of this technology depends on its capability to pair with mobile.

  • Increased mobile payments

As mobile security is improving, we see a surge in mobile payment applications. People are now used to these online payments and rely on them, such as Google Pay, Paytm, Razorpay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, etc. 

However, this is only because of the increased mobile security. There's a correlation between people making mobile payments and the boom in mobile payment.


  • Conclusion


Technology and app development companies go hand in hand. Just like for a specific technology to reach us, we need apps and smartphones and vice versa. Thus, these technologies are benefiting us in one way or other, and you can experience AI, AR like technologies in education, hospitality, and a conference room.


Mahi Malik

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