Pro am has a system that is decent

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These are all MyCareer/Park as that's my main NBA MT Coins mode, associated. Contested shots shouldn't go in. Ever. In the last week I have seen two move in. Clips were submitted by me if you do not believe me. When a defender is behind or beside you, it should not be a contested shot. I am guessing the contest process relies on proximity of the defender, not relative site. This is a significant issue because it prevents you when you have a defender simply from shooting. This makes no sense and ought to be tweaked. There has to be a matchmaking edition of Park.

Pro am has a system that is decent, but even then I don't think its ability based matchmaking. My team gets matched against considerably higher rated teams. The neighbourhood is fairly, but incredibly impractical. Yes it is cool to be able to walk up to facilities, each of the different shops and courts, but it's a waste of time and frees gameplay. Since it stinks this kind of play is unique to 2k for a reason. You ought to be able to access everything in NBA 2K via a menu.

Events have to be handled better. This is specific to the Rush event, as it is today. There has to be position based matchmaking in the very LEAST, as well as no teammate grade. It's much too tough to boost your teammate level but easy to lose it. Remove this from the event. Matchmaking ought to be contingent for example in Formula 1 or Basketball Godz, although as for other events, I am not sure whether it is already the case, you ought to be matched against people who have similar progression/streak as you.

Shooting on a non-shooting build ought to be difficult. Seeing NBA 2K players using a 35-60 three point shooter that are able to everything that is green makes no sense. It is not accurate to basketball and ruins NBA 2K when a NBA 2K participant can't just get elite dribbling and touch dunks, but in addition have shooting. Contested layups must go in far more often. In real basketball layups are currently moving in 90 percent of the time. Just because a centre is standing beneath the rim does not signify a guard should not have the ability to score. Now if they're currently playing D that is suitable, then of course but the layup process is terrible.

The delay on the internet is crazy. How can it be an AAA game to Buy 2K MT has such terrible delay? This is not an issue in majority of other games such as Call of Duty or Rocket League. I believe it is impossible to think that the servers could not be enhanced by 2k. What doesn't help is the fact that if you're playing with a game if it be rec park or ante up, there are other courts which are in play that promote the delay. Why ace am has delay that is far less than any other game style.

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