There are always problems in Path of Exile Ultimatum

Even after updates and efforts to reduce the power of these monsters in the future, it has never been brought to a reasonable level.

Recent complaints from Path of Exile players in the community, we can know that this is not the first time that screen chaos and overpowering or overwhelmingly powerful monster groups have affected the way the league is playing. For example, in the previous Abyss League, monsters that were almost impossible to kill often troubled players, so that it became the biggest joke in the history of Path of Exile. In Delirium, the screen mess is so serious that it becomes a top priority for Grinding Gear Games to fix it. However, even after updates and efforts to reduce the power of these POE Currency in the future, it has never been brought to a reasonable level.

Another source of screen chaos has to do with loot, because Path of Exile is of course based on gradually gaining better loot and equipping characters with solid items. However, the problem is that the more players put themselves into the endgame content and stack dozens of modifiers, the more loot will fall from the monsters when the player kills them. Nevertheless, Path of Exile is still one of the few modern ARPGs without a built-in loot filter, and it must rely on third-party applications or community members to create one. In games where the screen is very messy, the official loot filtering function provided by Grinding Gear Games must add.

For many previous league versions of Grinding Gear Games, Allies cannot die aura has always been a problem. This is also the case with Ultimatum, because a wave of stacked enemies with auras can contain multiple rare monsters with the affix and other dangerous auras. Grinding Gear Games should look at the community and pay attention to quality of life issues and gameplay imbalances, which can make Path of Exile more enjoyable than before. Fans dealing with the same recurring problems repeatedly will only undermine player loyalty.

Therefore, the game team must come up with targeted solutions as soon as possible. In order for Path of Exile to develop normally, and for players to enjoy richer and more complete game content, it is imperative. Ambitious players should also insist on Buy POE Currency to collect more practical loot to promote the development and progress of the character.


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