The 20 Best Club Shirts Of The 20/21 Season

The 20 Best Club Shirts Of The 20/21 Season

With the majority of shirts for the 20/21 season now revealed, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to sort through the lot to come up with our Top 20 designs. Sure it’s going to be controversial, but that’s half the fun, right?Get more news about bcheap Kids Mini shirt/b,you can vist futbolucl!

We’ve already announced our Top 20 Premier League shirts of the 20/21 season, and now a few weeks on and with most teams’ offerings unveiled, we’ve cast the net a little wider for our Top 20 Shirts Of The 20/21 Season. Not restricted to any one country or continent, this is what we in the SoccerBible office think are the best club designs from across the globe. That’s right, no space for the likes of Nigeria here. And believe us, it wasn’t easy; this could easily have been a top 50. But we had to stop somewhere, so if you’re favourite is not in there, well, tough. Let’s get started, shall we?
20. Galatasaray Home – Providing a contemporary twist on the club’s classic design, the Galatasaray home shirt takes the usual 50-50 split of of the club’s colours and updates it with a blurred effect between the two that runs right down the centre of the shirt, which represents the flame of Galatasaray fans meeting with the team. Strong start.

19. Juventus Home – adidas have got the knack of keeping Juve’s home look fresh, reverting to the classic stripes after last season’s 50/50 split. But the stripes are a hand painted design, and they’re joined by gold embellishments. Fit for the champions of Serie A.

18. Paris Saint-Germain Away – Marking the club’s 50th anniversary through a celebration of their beloved Hechter stripe, the PSG away shirt took its cue from the white kit worn in the 1995/96 season when Les Parisiens captured a first major European title. Clean and traditional.

17. Corinthians Away – Clean kit, oversized badges – there’s a lot to like with the Corinthians away shirt. The fact that it also pays tribute to the 1990 title winning team on the 30th anniversary of their legendary victory just adds another level of appreciation.

16. Manchester City Away – Copper on black where the quite a few went for a more classic gold on black, PUMA then added another level of class with a graphic that pays tribute to the city’s historic Castleford and Bridgewater canal. Bespoke black beauty, this.

15. Arsenal Third – The design of the Arsenal third shirt saw colours representing the lights and atmosphere that illuminate the Emirates Stadium during a night match, with the blue and navy elements referencing the night sky, and the vibrant lights of the stadium brought to life in the lighter flash orange details. But who really cares about all that when it looks this good?


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