ZIPP releases moto-inspired MTB rim

ZIPP releases moto-inspired MTB rim

Zipp today released their first carbon fiber MTB rim and their first entry into the mountain bike market at all since the nineties.To get more news about mountain rims, you can visit official website.

The new 3ZERO MOTO rims and wheelsets, focused on the enduro/trail market, will be available in both 27.5 and 29 sizes and is inspired by motocross rim designs to provide riders with the control and durability required for pure speed.The new rims use a single wall design that Zipp calls Moto Technology™ that allows the rims to “pivot” from either side of the spoke bed while traversing rough terrain. As the wheel encounters obstacles, each edge of the rim is designed for compliance, creating the feel of extra suspension. For the rider that means durability and control for greater speed:

The 3ZERO MOTO is the culmination of testing with some of the fastest riders in the world. Enduro MTB rider Adrien Dailly raced them to their first EWS podium in France, and enduro legend Jérôme Clementz recorded the first win in New Zealand. With their help, plus reams of honest feedback from test riders, Zipp arrived at the transformation of the mountain bike wheel for the speed-obsessed.

Our test riders are saying they have a lot less fatigue and arm pump and are not feeling vibrations of trail coming up through the handlebars. “Those wheels feel like I have an extra inch of travel,” Clementz said. This isn’t just on-the-trail marketing. It’s Zipp’s product development protocol. We test concepts for all riding styles, from those who are super smooth to those who may just case a jump now and then.

“I was really impressed by the balance between comfort and efficiency,” Clementz added. “The wheels track the ground, make you feel in control and at the same time you just want to keep pushing and play with your bike. The perfect recipe for fun and speed!”

“I just finished Andes Pacifico and 3 weeks of riding rough terrain with the Moto wheels. They took some hard hits; some of them I thought the wheel would dislocate but they were still fine. I’m impressed with the resistance!

Good job and thanks for the great improvement since the beginning of the project,” he concluded.

“The wheels have been really impressive so far. They do have an interesting ride quality to them and definitely comply to the trail, while maintaining a stiff lateral feel,” said Pro Racer Nate Hills. “I have hit the rims really hard a few times on rocks, full impacts, without flatting.

“I have been checking the spoke tension closely and everything seems to be staying tight. After TNZ, I have been beating the crap out of my bike at Skyline Queenstown and have been really impressed with the ride quality in the park. I have about 30 park laps and a hand full of shuttle runs and nothing is out of true and the hubs have been working great.


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