EA added several additional Power Up Cards to Madden 20

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The day before yesterday EA put a fresh batch of Madden 20 Power Up cards into the MUT. Players can upgrade the specific player rating of the system to 99 with the help of these player cards and MUT Coins and player fragments. John Elway, who is the strongest quarterback in NFL history, appeared and Charles Tillman in the Power Up Cards package.

Two-time Super Bowl champion FMVP John Elway, with 98 points of power and 97 points of speed and action with a total score of 99, is the leader of the six player cards released by EA. Chicago Bears fans are happy that Charles Tillman can use the new Power Up item to increase his rating to 99 points. Players can see all new Madden 20 Power Up cards with a total score of 99 on MUT’s official Twitter.

Players will have a significant chance to get the new Madden 20 Power Up card after completing New Power Up Challenges. Each challenge corresponds to the team to which a specific player belongs. Players can choose the corresponding task without difficulty according to their own strength level. The rewards for players to complete the challenges from low to high difficulty are 250 Madden Coins and 300 MUT 20 Coins and 350 MUT Coins. Players can also get a Power Up card after every challenge mission completed.

The popularity of player cards determines the price of Power Ups. Players can buy low and sell high in Madden 21 to get more MUT 21 Coins. Buy Madden Coins is a top priority for those with average economic strength. Madden team wishes players the most sincere blessings!

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