Explore Unforeseen Opportunities for MVNO with Convergent Charging System

Explore never-ending opportunities for your MVNO with a convergent charging system. By choosing a 3GPP compliant Online Charging System, you give yourself the best chance to meet customers’ needs in 2021.

A simplified approach to online billing is needed if an MVNO wants to expand its functions. There is so much complexity in the telecom domain these days that billing and charging tasks are best left to the expert. Managing top ups, figuring out the billing cycles and then charging every service use in real-time can give MVNO and MVNE sleepless nights if not for a trustworthy convergent charging system.

Expand Horizons with Real-Time Billing Platform

Charging System

Many MVNOs are restricted because of the legacy billing solutions that they use. As they are already entangled in their day-to-day responsibilities and hardly manage to complete them, it is illogical to expect them to really innovate and focus on their sales and marketing strategy.

In this situation, a convergent charging solution like Online Charging System (OCS) can come in really handy. It lets you complete your intricate tasks in an automated manner, and provide you ample time to finish your other responsibilities. Below are some tasks it can help you with:

• Provides you an ability to offer top ups and custom packages immediately
• Multi-tenant platform allows multiple users to log in and use the system for creating services and plans
• Services can be provisioned and de-provisioned through OCS
• Always complies with the Service Level Agreement (SLA)
• Multi-level redundancy
• Supports throttling of connection to prevent customer from exceeding allotted quota

OCS: Support for Every Service

An OCS is ideal for all types of services delivered by MVNOs. Some services that are improved by the use of OCS are:

ISP Services

• OCS allows ISPs to control download and upload speed
• Instantly allow customers to join subscription
• Send usage consumption information to customers
• Allows MVNOs to manage services


Whether you are offering postpaid or prepaid services, OCS can improve the service delivery as it allows for:
• Manages user details and data/call minutes consumption
• Charges event and session based transactions at the same point
• Allows for revenue assurances
• Easy to create tariff plans with the OCS
• Simplifies implementation of discounts

An OCS consolidates all the billing functions and allows MVNOs to perform convergent billing. With an OCS, you can send a single invoice for all types of services that you are delivering to your customers.

Essential Features of OCS in 2021

Apart from the basic functionalities it offers, an OCS needs to offer these features for it to be considered an asset for your MVNO:

• It should have analytics to make sense of user consumption details, their preference, buying patterns, subscribed services etc. With an AI-powered OCS, you can make better business decisions and improve your MVNO’s functions.
• Reporting is also very important as it allows you to monitor customer behavior
• A 3GPP compliant OCS is a must have in 2021 as it provides better security and complete revenue assurance


convergent charging system like OCS can really change the game for an MVNO. With its ability to charge and rate services in real-time, it allows for consolidated billing. An OCS also allows for complete revenue assurance, which is necessary for winning customer trust. Integrated with analytics, an OCS can provide better insights that can be readily used by MVNOs for business benefits.

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