Marvin Harrison and enhanced Ray Guy will appear in the recent Madden series

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EA released a new Madden spree containing all super players last Saturday. The most dazzling player cards are Ray Guy and Marvin Harrison. Players can also use MUT Coins to extract a time-limited player card from the package and meet four additional challenges. The Madden team will release new content every weekend during the NFL offseason. Marvin Harrison is the strongest player card.

Madden 20 added a legendary player card with a total score of 99 to the NFL Hall of Fame player list. MUT players think it will seriously affect their game victory for them. Harrison who has a score of 98 catches and 98 points of acceleration and 97 points of speed and awareness makes players feel a serious challenge. Ray Guy who has 99 points of strength 96 precision and 81 acceleration also puts a lot of pressure on players.

Players can find the player cards released for this event in the auction house. Guy and Harrison each have 5 lower-rated version cards. Players can exchange five low-scoring player cards for a strongest player card with a total score of 99. Larry Allen is a player card sold at the PS4 or Xbox One ceiling. He and Harrison sold for 1 million Madden Coins and 300,000 MUT 20 Coins, respectively. If players want Guy Card, they will find that the price of the card is close to 850,000 MUT Coins on any platform.

Players will greet a new challenge after obtaining them. Ordinary players can spend 10,000 MUT Coins to get a low-scoring UL card. Players already know their selling prices. Many players can’t wait to buy them by Buy Madden Coins. The Madden team is also preparing Madden 21 carefully. It's time for players to reserve MUT 21 Coins. We all believe that EA will provide the most gorgeous games for players.

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