WoW TBC: Players Angry about Prices for A Deluxe Edition and In-Game Services

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Deluxe version and ingame services surprise with high costs, whoever wants to use his hero from WoW Classic Burning Crusade has to pay extra.

The second part of the World of Warcraft (WoW) Classic series starts on June 2 at 00:00 am Central European Time. In The Burning Crusade (TBC) the first addon in the history of Azeroth is rolled up again. The Spieleschmiede also publishes the costs for services and surprises with a deluxe box for a game that is actually free, and annoys world of warcraft classic gold collectors with the offers again.

When TBC premiered in 2007, things changed for WoW players. The respective classes shamans and paladins, which were only available for one of the warring factions, could be played on both the alliance and the horde from this point on. But there was also the option of flying. TBC is still considered by fans to be one of the best add-ons in the history of the MMORPG. Nevertheless, the anticipation for the new release was at no time comparable to that of Classic.

When the official announcement was published on May 6th that the old new adventure would begin on June 2nd, most of the players were amazed at how close it was to the release. When Blizzard also communicated that the prepatch would reach the Classic servers on May 18th, the astonishment seemed to grow a bit bigger. Because actually the rule applies that Blizzard changes the games only marginally to their release at the time. In 2007, the prepatch phase, in which players can prepare for the upcoming adventure and make the first changes to their characters, was still 40 days away. This time it will be shortened by more than half, namely to 14 days. This actually contradicts the Classic re-edition: The game from days gone by should only be brought into the present, with marginal adjustments.

High costs

But the community was really angry when the prices for a deluxe edition and the in-game services became known. The deluxe box in particular is spicy: WoW is based on a subscription system. This means that players pay monthly to be able to prove themselves in the MMORPG. This also includes WoW Classic and TBC. Thus, the games do not have to be purchased separately, but are actually part of the subscription.

Nevertheless, Blizzard decided to bring a premium version for the new edition. This includes: a boost for game characters at level 58 to be able to start the add-on straight away, but this is not applicable to the new classes and races of the respective factions. Specifically, this means that a blood elf paladin or a draenei shaman must be played from scratch from the start. In addition, the owners receive, among other things, a mount that does not exist in the game, on top of that there is a teleport stone and 30-day game time. In summary: Blizzard sells a deluxe version for 70 euros, which includes mostly cosmetic items.

Another big point of criticism is the upcoming ingame services. If players with the same character want to play on both the Classic and the TBC servers, this costs 35 euros per hero. Otherwise you have to choose one of the two options.

Cosmetic items

The reaction of the community to the prices was accordingly critical. WoW's most famous influencer, "Asmongold", found in his live stream, the video clip of which can now be found on Youtube, that Blizzard is once again behaving greedily. But the Blizzard forum is also full of criticism. Here, too, the manufacturer is accused of greed.

However, there are also some comments from players who show understanding for the prices. What effects this will have on the number of players for the upcoming TBC adventure remains to be seen.

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