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That's right by studying even the smallest details in your face, we can tell whether you're thoughtless or a perfectionist exactly by studying the shape of your eyebrows.

They say not to judge a book by its cover, but that's what many people does jobwise. This ancient method, which dates back to the Northern Song period, could determine a person's inner personality, including how they think, feel, behave, and what they need to be happy in life just by measuring their bodily characteristics.

That's right by studying even the smallest details in your face, we can tell whether you're thoughtless or a perfectionist exactly by studying the shape of your eyebrows. We recently sat down with her to explain what each shape means. Whether you have thin eyebrows or thick, long eyebrows or short, for people the eyebrows can be the window to the soul.

Round Eyebrows:

Round eyebrow shapes track the eye's natural curve and don't arch upward. If someone has rounded eyebrows, that's a sign that they're a very kind person and that they're always thinking about other people's needs. When they're making a decision, it'll be based on what they want and what everyone else might want to try, ensuing in a win-win for everybody.

Straight Eyebrows:

Beyond framing the face, straight eyebrows draw the eyes inner toward the center of the face. If someone's eyebrows grow in a straight line, that means that they're a very rational person. They value logic and think that you should think things through very sensibly. They're not thoughtless.

Peaked Eyebrows:

A high arch and rash decision making. People with peaked eyebrows make decisions created on their emotions and they make them quickly. They're very sensitive, so if there's something they're trying to make up their mind about, they do it very quickly, but it's not essentially based on logic it's based on their emotion at the moment.

Queen's Eyebrows:

In Chinese face reading, Queen's eyebrows are exactly what you'd think they are: eyebrows that are placed high up on a person's face. They're a sign of someone who has excellent taste and a real sense of style and beauty, but they tend to be obsessive. They can struggle with decisions because in their mind, there's only one right decision. They can be self-dangerous and worry about making the wrong decision, and can be hard on themselves.

Long Eyebrows:

People who have long eyebrows tend to be the caring of people who have a lot of friends. There's a reason for this. They have extra assets, so they can deal with all of their friends' personal drama without feeling speechless. This eyebrows shape is ideal for a round face.

Short Eyebrows:

A short eyebrow extends only as far as the outside to the inner corner of the eye. People with short eyebrows don't like to deal with drama. They tend to have fewer close friendships and they're not trying to reach out to people to ask for help.

Thick Eyebrows:

To us, the bushy brow look will never go out of style. If someone has really full, thick eyebrows, it means many things they're very conclusive, they have a natural self-confidence, and they feel like they can figure anything out. They're very reasonable people and tend to be kind of linear in how they do things. They also like to be actually active. This eyebrow shape is the trendiest nowadays. 

Thin Eyebrows:

People with thin eyebrows even if they started out with obviously thick eyebrows that became thin from tweezing and waxing affects self-confidence. Or, if you just have logically thin eyebrows, you generally have low confidence. But the good side is you're not pushy or overly aggressive. Moreover by branded boxes and packaging companies tips and guidelines also printed on eyebrow palettes for the guidance of customers.


Diagonal Eyebrows:

If the ends of your eyebrows are higher than the front, you likely have a diagonal brow shape. The harder the angle, the more dangerous the emotions are and the more reactive a person is. If you're born with an angle certainly, that's fine. But if you try to create it, it's kind of like going against your own nature, which can cause an inequality in your personality and cause you to have trouble making decisions.

Tapered Eyebrows:

You'll know you have a tapered brow shape if the inner parts of your brows are heavier than the tail. While the front maybe boxier, there'll be gradual thinning as you reach the ends. This is the faultless eyebrow shape, as it gives the impression of a longer, fuller brow.

"S"-Shaped Eyebrows:

While some try to correct their naturally-occurring S-shaped brows, others try to impressionist it with strategic tweezing. This brow shape involves removing the first row of hair along the inner part along with the first coating on the top of the tail. The middle area is to be left unhurt to create that dipped-down "S" shape. S eyebrows shape is what most ladies have. Custom sleeve rigid boxes are ideal for packaging false eyebrows.

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