Nike Air Max Wright Get Original Air Structure’s Color-Blocking for Kids

Nike Air Max Wright Get Original Air Structure’s Color-Blocking for Kids

New Drop Jordans,Although reminiscent of Nike Air Max LTD, Swoosh's new Nike Air Max Wright reinterprets the Nike Air Max 90. Recently, this model appeared in a child-specific color scheme borrowed from running shoes from the early 1990s. Synthetic leather, breathable mesh and soft suede structure are combined to provide a modern product driven by tradition. Similar to the original air structure of the three-axis '91, the two newly appeared indulged in a mismatched style, "Chlorine Blue" and "Infrared" spectroscopy. Under the soles of the feet, the Air Max cushions on the left and right feet prefer the blue tones mentioned earlier, as does the trademark on the tongue. The outsole is made of all black material, while abandoning the traditional waffle pattern of Air Max 90.

2021Sneakers,In recent months, Nike Waffle One has attracted much attention. To a certain extent, due to the support of the brand, this shoe will set off a storm in the warm summer. With this women's color matching, pink and gold will do. The gilded touch adds an upscale, expensive look to Swoosh's leather, while subtle flowers illuminate the suede counter and the upper edge of the tongue. Elsewhere, the thick black panelling is decorated with eye rests and toes, in contrast to the transparent mesh layer that fills in many gaps. Under the feet, the white midsole and dark waffle bottom are typical decorations of this pair of shoes.

Do you remember when the custom of UV sensitivity prevailed? Well, Adidas Yeezy must be like this. With their next-generation New Release Yeezy, this sub-label has returned to an era that many people may forget, adding color change to this new "light color" color scheme. But at first glance, the two kept it fairly simple-in fact, very familiar. The Primeknit shell shows a fairly typical white neutrality that complements the tone of the adjacent feature. The laces, then, seem to have a slight contrast, in a darker tone, with the lining as usual. On the other hand, the color of the heel and sole have turned yellow. Both of these colors are designed to better enhance the side stripes from light gray to dark brown.


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