Animal Crossing: fish and bugs added in June

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It was here in June, which meant that many new bugs and fish appeared in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In order to land on more islands and get generous returns, it is best to buy the Nook miles Ticket instead of farming in person.

Keep up with them as they will stay for more than a month, but make sure you donate any new discoveries to Blathers to complete the museum. You can tell when you have captured a new creature, because your character will shout "Yes!". Before they say the name of the bug or fish.

You can also check your animal encyclopedia to see if you have donated small insect fish. If there is one, a little owl icon will appear next to the name of the little animal. (Please note that if you are on someone else’s island, these flags will not be displayed.)

Most notably, there will be more and more sharks in the northern hemisphere. It is very profitable to collect sharks, and it is easy to spot because the fins will stick out of the water (but beware of sark fish!). By the way, Animal Crossing Bells is the universal currency and medium needed in the game, such as buying new clothes, furniture, crafts, capture, etc. In addition, you need to participate in various activities to develop the island, all of which are related to the bells. Since its release, IGGM has prepared a large number of such items for Switch players around the world, so it is very appropriate to Buy ACNH Bells on IGGM.


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