Animal Crossing: New Horizons beginner tips (part 5)

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Last time we talked about the new currency Nook Miles in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Believe that you have completed your basic tasks and have been rewarded. There are still a few new suggestions for everyone.

Everything stacks differently within your inventory

There's been a bit of an upgrade concerning how your inventory works in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Initially, there we were elated to locate that it is possible to pick numerous weeds as you desire without them taking on individual inventory slots, however, there is a catch-every ACNH Items type stacks differently as part of your inventory so understand your space requirements:

Stacks of 99: Weeds
Stacks of 30: Wood, softwood, hardwood, stone, clay, iron Nuggets, bamboo, tree branches, pine cones, acorns
Stacks of 10: Fruit, seeds, shells
Stacks of merely one: All furniture, fish, bugs, fossils, clams, recipe cards, tools, presents

You only have to eat one little bit of fruit to acquire its effects

You can take in the various fruits you will find in and around your island, and accomplishing this will give you magical powers. Using fruits to earn Animal Crossing Bells is also a good way to accumulate. Well, a slam dunk, nevertheless it will make you more efficient. Using your shovel while hopped through to fruit, as an example, means you can uproot entire trees and relocate them with no damage to them. Using your shovel with a rock while ingesting fruit causes the rock to fully smash-handy so you can get the last resources away from a rock over a deserted island, less and much more your own island in which you want the resources to replenish every single day. So take note, that while it is possible to eat up to 10 waste fruit consecutively, you merely need one section of fruit inside your system for each super-powered action you wish to achieve. Eating too much fruit may mean you ruin components of your island without meaning to, plus it takes a while for the effects of any consumed fruit to make use of. Thankfully, you will see the X/10 fruit counter drop as the effects wear off, and it also disappears entirely in the top left on the screen when you are completely free of unwanted effects.

Whether you want Buy Animal Crossing Bells or not, you can check it out. Your ordering and browsing can also help the author and yourself. Owning more fruits, larger inventory, and clever savings are all worth noting for players just starting.


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