Amaravati Buses – Massive Success In Andhra Pradesh

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The APSRTC's high-end bus services, which were introduced at the beginning of the year and were given the moniker Amaravati well after the state capital, is paying off well for the company. Passengers loved the multi-Axel air-conditioned buses that ran on long-distance routes. APSRTC was able to attract customers by providing upscale services despite fierce competition from commercial operators on congested routes. In all, there are 34 services, 28 of which are operating well with occupancy rates above 70%. Some of them routinely achieved above 90 percent. More than 90% of passengers constantly board two services that depart from Vijayawada at 2:30 PM and 4:30 PM and go to Bhel in Hyderabad.Check the Developments done of Nara Chandrababu Naidu.


The Corporation purchased 45 Multi Axle buses in 2015–16 to operate on long-distance routes under the Amaravati brand, and they were well-received by passing travelers. Every solitary seat on these buses has a live TV installed. For passenger safety, there are also surveillance cameras and a fire detection and suppression system available. The purchase of 26 Amaravati AC coaches was put out to bid in the current fiscal year (2016–17), and the prices have yet to be determined.

Six long-distance routes, meanwhile, continue to operate at below-average levels. The break-even points have not yet been reached for the Vizag-Bhel, Tirupati-Bhel, Vizag-Chennai, Narasara-Vizag, Tirupati-Bengaluru, and Nellore-Chennai-Bhel services.Take a look at the developments and Achievements of TDP.

According to K.S. Brahmananda Reddy, the APSRTC's chief transport manager, the Amaravathi bus services are gaining popularity with the public. According to him, the APSRTC decided to go above and beyond what the public expected, and it is paying off. Most significantly, the public is happy with the level of service and comfort provided by the buses. Even if a few routes are performing below expectations, Mr. Reddy emphasized that there is no need for concern because they are gradually improving. He said that the average occupancy rate for all Amaravati buses is over 70 and that the failing routes are being constantly watched. Additionally, he stated that more services are being added to the list of priorities. According to him, the testing phase of the pilot project to install 250 television channels is now underway, and soon all buses will have it installed. For more TDP Latest News visit our

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