Is There a Perfect Time for a Book Promotion Campaign?

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It's normal for first-time authors to weigh off a book advertisement over a full-blown marketing strategy that involves publicity and promotion. When you continue to learn more, you will find that most consumers choose a well-rounded marketing campaign. Some authors even worry about timing. Is there a right time for a book to be published in the year?

The responses from book marketing experts can differ, but there could be benefits to the launch at almost any time of year, including the holiday season. Many that are open to launches at any time of year find out periods with less competition can be useful.

Some authors are also cautious of publishing a book during the summer, although the same can be argued for less competition. One of the aspects to bear in mind is that the media is a 365-day business every year, and the consumers are there every day. As a result, there are as numerous web and print sites to fill and shows between December August as there are at other times of the year.

The few exceptions are national TV chat shows that have been going on break for a few months – but are not included with several book marketing promotion strategies. Thus, be open to the launch of your book in a non-traditional month.

It also makes sense to keep the subject of your book in mind. Part of the exposure is about newsworthiness, and if there are periods where people have more interest in your subject, then change your timing. It's sensible to learn about rivalry, too. If you know that a popular competitor in your genre is about to release a book, you may need to go sooner or later to avoid being overwhelmed.

The timing could play a role in the popularity of certain books, and it is best to think strategically. If you're unsure, try consulting with an expert book marketing agency to see what they think. They've got the experience and can be informative.

When you've settled on your launch date, remember to put your campaign planning and program in advance. News about a book launch is one of the most strong media coverage hooks. If you appeal for publicity after the event, the odds are decreased unless you relate to a current event.

What is essential to bear in mind is the degree of rivalry and how best to make a breakthrough. Thousands of authors are looking for prospective audiences, and options are daunting. Keeping the book marketing distinctive and concise is one of the easiest ways to make your work more successful.

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