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Autobiography as a Health Educator

Autobiography as a Health Educator

Health and sexual education have emerged as an important area for ensuring the safety and well-being of people in the modern era. The quality of sexual education is highly influenced by the personal perceptions and goals of educators. This essay describes how I view myself as a health and sexuality educator and the relevance of the topic studied in this class on my perceptions and professional goals.

My first responsibility or goal as a health and sexual educator will be to enable my students to make informed and right decisions about their sexuality and sexual behaviors. It is important because sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) have become a bitter truth of today whose major cause is the lack of awareness. Also, another reason for the youth to become victims of STDs is the shyness or lack of motivation to talk on topics of sexual morality. I will highly encourage the students to discuss any of their concerns or issues regarding their sexual health or preferences with their parents, friends, or doctors (if needed).

Another major role for me in the future will include informing the students about various aspects of sexuality. Since culture has always been the major driving force to control the sexual behaviors of people, I will deliver the knowledge appropriately based on the culture of the students. The topics mainly covered shall include puberty, abstinence, relationships, use of contraceptives and condoms, sexual orientation, gender identity, and body image. I will always provide training to students on how to avoid sexual abuse and violence.

A large number of topics and concepts related to human sexuality and sexual behaviors were covered in this class. I came across many topics, such as the history of the development of human sexual behavior which I never knew before. These topics definitely have reshaped my perceptions about sexual behavior and hence would have an impact on my future practice as a sexual educator and my professional goals. For example, before taking this class, I only had a perception that it is important to educate people about the STDs. I had no idea about the importance of cultural influence on a person's sexuality and the role of power or male dominance in governing female sexuality. The course provided me with in-depth insight about the history of sexuality and various beliefs researches conducted on the subject.

After taking this class I have realized that it is actually important to understand the differences in the sexual orientation of people and their cultural backgrounds. The understanding of the differences between the sexual beliefs of each other would enable people to avoid bias and hatred. They have to understand that sex is personal, the history, culture customs of a place have a large influence on shaping a persons sexual perceptions and he/she should not be discriminated based on them. Thus, I have developed the goals of educating the students about these aspects of sexuality in addition to other topics of regular sexual practice and health.

As a professional health and sexual educator, my major goal would be to develop the perceptions of students about sexuality. The basic goals are to educate them to maintain their sexual health and relationships as well as to understand the differences people have regarding the sexual preferences and orientations. I would teach them how to deal with people who come from different cultures and have different sexual perceptions. The class has played a major role in shaping my views and goals as a future health and sexual educator and would support me to educate students in a way which would help them not only in maintaining their sexual health and well-being, but also to avoid sexual bias, abuse, and violence.

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