Nuance Dragon Professional Individual 15

Nuance Dragon Professional Individual 15


Use Your Voice to Dictate, Create, and Shape Your Daily Routine!

With Nuancemost ®'s recent voice recognition software, Dragon Professional Individual, v15, you may control your personal computer utilising its Deep Learning technology.

Dictate Documents

With Dragon Professional Individual 15, you can prepare and edit your papers with 99% correctness while dictating three times quicker than you can type. Set up a Smart Format Rule to automatically modify how you want items like abbreviations, numbers, dates, phones, and more to appear on your page by selecting text and applying formatting options like bolding or underlining it.

Transcribe what you Dictate

With Dragon Professional Individual v15, you may utilise digital recorders and even cellphones to convert audio files to text automatically while working on a PC.

Key points:

  • Advanced formatting voice commands
  • Powerful transcription ability
  • Support for Windows® Ten touchscreens for PCs
  • Support for Microsoft Skype for Business and WordPerfect X8

Deep Learning Technology

In order to learn from you and adapt to your unique voice, Nuance's Dragon Professional Individual 15 is always listening to how you talk. To improve accuracy and productivity in your regular usage of it, deep learning technology also adjusts to the noises in your environment.

Speed and Performance of Dragon

Nuance Speech recognition with Dragon Professional Individual v15 is now quicker and more precise than before. Impressive customization possibilities enable your dictation and transcription, resulting in effective and clever document creation. With Dragon's audio to text feature, you can take use of the fact that you can talk at least three times as quickly as you can write. However, it also enables you to edit and format documents using just your voice, without the need for a keyboard or mouse. Dragon uses your voice to convert audio files to text.

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