Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Trees

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In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the trees on the islands are the player's basic source of wealth. It is not only the role of greening the island and decoration. Just like in real life, trees have many functions. It can produce fruits, have honeycombs, and can be used as basic materials to make objects.

The most amazing thing is the planted bell tree. When you find the shiny ACNH Bells on the ground, you can choose to bury them in the ground and make them a money tree. In reality, such things will only appear in the fairy tales we read when we were young.

Of course, about trees, we should also know some knowledge about their use, although this may be very simple.

Moving trees is something I may often need to do because some specific designs require trees. For example, beaches, orchards, toilets, bathrooms, and other places can be decorated with trees.

If it is a sapling, you can dig it directly with a shovel, then scoop it up and put it in your pocket. Of course, if it is a big tree that grows up, your strength is definitely not enough. A piece of fruit is needed before shoveling them. Pay attention to the upper left corner of your screen and you will know how much power you have for digging trees or hitting rocks.

Since trees can be planted, obtaining wood is one of the most important purposes. There are three types of ordinary wood, softwood, and hardwood. The tools are the same as in real life, you need an axe. And tools such as the axe also have differences and levels in the new horizon. Ordinary wood and hardwood are also obtained by smashing trees with a stone axe, and the drop rate of hardwood is lower. Be careful not to chop the tree, unless you don’t want it to regenerate wood anymore. A chopper is a tool for you to obtain Softwood. Keep cutting it and it will drop.

Of course, shaking trees is also a common harvest method. Things on the tree will be shaken by you, whether it is fruit or wasp. If you are already a mature player, Buy Animal Crossing Items can help you save these boring things. Go and see the trees on your island!


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