How to play snake game!!!

Attempt to grow to be the largest snake in the world.

Get in on the friendly rivalry by playing the part of a snake in Snake Game. Enjoy the company of your fellow players as you stroll into the fenced playing field in this multiplayer game. Attempt to grow to be the largest snake in the world.

These spheres of light are stunning. You should get your hands on them all. Compete with others for them, since many people desire them. Gather as many dots as possible to expand your territory and become the most powerful player. Choose a skin for your snake at the beginning of the game from a variety of alternatives. The scale of the map may then be modified accordingly. You may choose from three options. The usage of the mouse is required for gameplay. Whenever you move the mouse, the snake will go where the cursor goes. You may need to steal a dot from an opponent at times. To make a quick getaway, click and hold the left mouse button. Remember that this will cause a slow but sure diminution in your stature. Dots may be eaten for both points and growth. Killing and eating the corpses of other players is the easiest method to level up. It's possible to kill them by crashing them into you or other players. Avoid colliding with other players at all costs, since doing so will result in your own death. The scoreboard appears in the upper right corner.

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