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Learn All the Details About How to Leverage Apple Pre-Order for Your IOS App Launch

The pre-order of any app is an interesting part tap learn the right areas that needs to be tapped.


There was also a time when pre-launch was only a small activity performed through email signups a very small scale buzz was created and then there was nothing to follow-up on it for the audience or even the interested people. A lot of people can avail the pre order product feature through Apple. The brands can now easily. Send off the product page to the target audience and relevant interested people.

People who preorder any app have the right to automatically access it whenever the app is released. This is the best tactic to have a good order even before the launch and also to have the best number of downloads at the first day of the app launch. Many mobile app services in USA work on this practice as it is the best approach to start working on your app metadata and thus the app store optimization is automatically stated as well.

Let’s explore a detailed and extensive process of how does exactly the pre order thing works and how organization can work towards leveraging it.

Ensuring your App is ready for the launch:

The first main milestone is to be endure that your app is ready to be launch. For that you need to cross check everything from your end and then submit the app for the launch to the App Store. You have to make sure you are submitting your app to the app store 3 days prior to the actual launch for the app. It is always recommended and advised to plan a launch date keeping all these activities in mind.

Do you know what is exactly App store Pre-Order?

The App store has a very well defined procedure where it allows you to publish your App for the pre-order but alt of people gets confused here how come ad app is published before its actual final date?

This feature enables your app to be published on thee App store and it can easily find on search. People who will be able to find it will not be able to download it right away until and unless they have made a pre-order. This helps in app ranking and Apple can more easily index the keywords as well

What is the criteria for the Apps to be Eligible for Pre-Order?

Apple has a little strict criterial for the Apps. Apple only allows apps to vail the pre-book feature that are very newly published in the App Store If the business is in expansion phase in the country.

Always work on creating buzz before the app launch:

If you have a date set for the app launch release you must work on creating and crafting strategies in order to create a buzz about the app launch. You can yield greater results from the outcomes that you lead and implement.  

Invest your time understanding the demand and market of your relevant app:

Whenever you are going to make your app available for preorder option you will automatically start receiving data in iTunes connect explaining as to what you will be actually able to collect if your app is actually being launched to this relevant audience in the certain set market. His gives you benefit where you can easily measure the pre-launch efforts and its outcomes as well. You will be even able to extract data about your users from where they are and which devices they are using to download your app

Prioritize working on App store optimization before launch:

As your app can easily be found by people in the search bar and they can actually see the kind of new app is going to be launch you need to ensure there are no chances of error and you are not missing out no anything specific that might turn against you or your marketing efforts. If you plan things smartly you can easily start your app optimization

The most important part how to get people pre-order your app?

Getting people pre-order your app isn’t as difficult as it sound. All your audience need to know is the amount of value your app holds and what are the interesting features they were missing out previously. You can easily start your promotional campaigns on social media, utilize the power of word of mouth. Get the target audience and community excited by taking powerful influencers onboard for the promotion of the new app launch. You can even get the people in your close circle made a pre-order and later ask them to share their experiences on social media to promote it to the relevant target audience as well.



Leveraging an App pre-order is a very exciting and interesting it if things are well planned and executed on the decided timeline. A greater chunk of audience would defiantly place their pre-order

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