Traction Alopecia - How To Prevent It?

Hair loss is a common menace being faced by almost every individual irrespective of his/her age.


Hair loss is a common menace being faced by almost every individual irrespective of his/her age. Although hair loss caused by aging is acceptable to all, an untimely and uncontrolled thinning of hair does affect people mentally and socially. Hair loss makes masses stick to their home and they isolate themselves to avoid any criticism or self-embarrassment that can come due to this. Besides, they are many who even stop looking themselves in the mirror because of their hair loss.

What Is Traction Alopecia?

Alopecia means hair loss in scientific or medical terms. Traction alopecia thus is a form of hair loss that is caused by mental stress or tension for a prolonged period of time that makes the hair follicles weak causing them to lose out.

Who Can Become A Victim Of Traction Alopecia?

The following individuals or group of people are more vulnerable to traction alopecia:

  1. The ones who tie their hair too tight
  2. Those who are in the continuous habit of applying chemicals to their hair
  3. The plebeians who use heating and styling equipment such as hair dryer or curler regularly
  4. The folks who have dreadlocks
  5. Those individuals who use tight headgears such as helmets or swim caps on a routine basis
  6. The ones who are in habit of using tightly rolled curlers
  7. The people who use hair weaves or hair extensions

How Can Traction Alopecia Be Controlled?

The key to controlling traction alopecia is prevention. Some of the ideal ways of preventing it are:

  • Changing hair weaves every two months to loosen the hair and giving the hair follicles rest from extreme stretching
  • Trying new and different hairstyles so that hair does not get damaged from some specific locations by the same hairstyle
  • Tying hair to large braids instead of small braids as small braids pull the hair tighter while large ones keep them loose
  • Keep the hair away from chemical treatments as much as possible
  • Try not to use heating equipment to hair and if at all they are needed, the temperature should be kept low
  • Stay away from sleeping in curlers as they attract unnecessary tension and pressure to the hair
  • Do not use hair bands for tying ponytails. Hair clips and hair ties can be used for this purpose

If one is experiencing hair loss, it is best to seek professional help as they can guide about the exact circumstances and reasons thereof. If traction alopecia is detected to a minor or controllable level, simple treatments such as Triple Therapy, Cesare Ragazzi or Help Hair Nutrients can be provided. For a severe hair fall leading to baldness, hair transplant can be required.

Overall, Traction Alopecia is not a severe form of hair loss that cannot be reversed. It just needs to be checked and detected at the right time to treat it at the right time. It mainly requires some preventive measures that can help to correct it in most of the cases.