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Build your confidence levels and you will be more receptive to that change.

When that confidence is shaken, anxiety and panic disorder take over. It's important to understand that the fear despite how upsetting is meant to protect you, not only from Dolly Parton CBD Oil real danger, but from things that you 'perceive' as dangerous, such as being embarrassed or ridiculed, of losing some aspect of your 'environment' or anything that will change, whether it's your immediate surroundings or how you will adapt to change.

For instance, if you find true anxiety relief, how you respond to your environment will change. That's because you've learned and become accustomed to reacting with fear to something in your life, but without anxiety that will change. And that is enough to make you reluctant to achieve anxiety relief. Change, whether it's good or bad, is perceived as a threat. Strange, but true.

Did you know that while you are beginning any anxiety treatment, it is possible and even likely that you will feel some agitation and anxiety? That's why. You will think your treatment isn't working, when in fact your body is resisting the change. That's because change represents loss - loss of the now familiar feelings of 'anxiety' and 'doubt' . Loss of anxiety (fear response) means a change to your environment. It's seen as a threat (an anxiety trigger), even though you know it's for the good.

Understand this transition process. Stay focused on anxiety relief, rather than on the anxiety disorder. Believe that this change is good. Build your confidence levels and you will be more receptive to that change.




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