5 features that make the perfect buy here pay here software

5 features that make the perfect buy here pay here software


How to purchase a unique BHPH software here helps independent dealers prosperous?

When Howard Leavitt, the Founder of the was the dealer manager, he faced several challenges found the right CRM tool to meet the needs of independent dealers. In its 25 years career, a number of software packages appear, but only a few accommodate the unique needs of the purchase here here (BHPH) and the dealers that have been previously owned. According to Investopedia, 20% of Americans have a credit score below 600, and 22% have a score of between 600 and 699. Additionally, According to dealerstoday, the market growth of bhph is rising.


Frustrated with existing sales solutions offered by third party CRM applications. The large box software package offered more than two dealers needed at a larger price point, and smaller ones do not serve to buy here dealers. They are very clumsy, complex, and intimidating that some sales force control them. And not only they are too expensive, they are designed to collect data - not to sell cars.


Determined to find a better and faster way to work, Leavitt departs to design a system that will combine the best of both worlds: Automatic customer communication and sales accountability. Adapting to Internet change brought to the automotive room that he chose to produce web-based purchases here software versus traditional hardware software solutions.


Results? A new revolutionary - the revolutionary CRM is made to serve independent and BHPH automotive dealers exclusively. The guiding principle is and will build a strong and cost-effective purchase here the software application used.


5 features that make the perfect buy here pay here software for independent dealers here pay here software



  1. Customized daily workflow can increase sales of up to 20%


You know that in purchases here pay the dealer here, your sales personnel don't only sell cars. They make calls, promise scheduling, and try to manage customer satisfaction and retention efforts. Multitasking can increase the likelihood of errors that produce lost sales opportunities, but with an action plan tool, it is easy to organize daily tasks, and our dashboard helps your dealer remain organized, so that no one is ignored.




  1. Automation Tool ensures no customers left


That happens: sales force you are very busy selling to new clients that their customer retention activities take back seats. But with automatic communication features, pre-scheduled and customized templates, the sales team can be more productive. They can arrange retention plans and work on other directives in the meantime. Whether it's text or email, the dealer communication comes out when and how the salesperson wants, even if they are busy with sales appointments or daily shipping. Your sales power saves time reducing excessive tasks, and sales managers can maintain their team accountability (and profitable) by monitoring each tin, customers, appointments, assignments, telephone calls, emails, or text in the user-friendly dashboard.




  1. The cellular application provides a small BHPH dealer of large sales power


One of the biggest reasons our clients liked the mobile application is that sales are no longer limited to their tables and can work deal anytime and anywhere. From the main management to communication, and even starting a digital deal jacket, our cellular application provides purchases here the new dealer tool can be accessed by a new car dealer, with a fraction of the cost.


The license scanning tool takes frustration from getting a clear SIM photo from the client, and the Vin scanner eliminates the error made when recording VIN for offers or when obtaining a trading vehicle. These tools help small dealers save time, avoid general document errors, and focus on sales and customer satisfaction efforts.




  1. Features of building campaigns make marketing easy


Our campaign building features facilitate independent purchases here pay the dealer here to target the clients most likely to buy. Quickly search and Sort by various criteria such as the age of the vehicle or the maturity date of the lease. After the target audience is selected, the template that can be adjusted will help your team create an email in accordance with a particular audience. Accountability features are also available to help trade personnel trace each customer's response while managers can monitor which campaigns are ineffective and the most profitable.




  1. The main management features of the instantly increase productivity


Skyrocket efficiency and moral by setting new automatic sales lead fairly and automatically with the Round Robin feature. The reps did not need to wait for the manager to assign instructions, and the car buyer was immediately served, which increased the efforts of customer satisfaction. The best part is that leads are consolidated into one easy-to-use dashboard. When your team can find any instructions from each source in one place, there are no instructions ever neglected, there are no opportunities that are missed, and more directives are converted into sales.




Strong, easy to use, and affordable

The purchase of buy here pays here software helps Dealers BHPH change more direction to sales, maintain more customers, and market the pre-owned inventory smarter.


Stop paying a new car sales tool Your dealer won't need. The purchasing software here here is a full range of services for one monthly cost affordable.


The Ncrypted’s BHPH software also provides customer support dealers about. Our team is easily accessible, fast, knowledgeable, and fun! The average response time to help tickets is 4 minutes! And unlimited training included in each subscription. Ncrypted, even build high end Merchant Cash Advance Software. Learn more about the bhph software, and schedule demo today!

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