Mussel Oil and Powder Market Growth, Size, Analysis, Outlook by Trends, Opportunities and Forecast to 2030

Mussel Oil and powder Market size was $159.70 million in 2020, and is anticipated to grow to a value of more than $341.15 million in 2030, with an increasing CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of over 5.3% from 2022 to 2030.

Mussel Oil Powder is a nutritional supplement that helps to increase blood flow and strengthen internal artery walls. Among other things, it can be discovered in processed foods, cosmetics, biopharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, pet food, and veterinary medication. Due to the increased popularity of nutrient-dense foods during the projected period, mussel oil and powder are anticipated to become more and more popular.

Both mussel oil and powder have antioxidant qualities. The demand for dietary supplements is likely to increase due to rising consumer health consciousness and manufacturers' increased marketing efforts on social media platforms and e-commerce websites about the advantages of supplement consumption, which is then anticipated to positively affect market growth.

Global Mussel Oil and powder Market: Segment Analysis

Global Mussel Oil and powder Market based by Form

  • Oil
  • Powder

Powder held the largest market share of more than 30% in 2020. This is accredited to its skill to avoid cartilage degradation and development in the quality of connective tissues in the body such as mucous membranes, skin, and blood vessels.

Global Mussel Oil and powder Market based by Grade

  • Food
  • Cosmetic
  • Pharmaceutical

The pharmaceutical grade segment held the largest market share, with the share of more than 55% in 2020.

Global Mussel Oil and powder Market based by Application

  • Processed Foods
  • Beauty and Cosmetics
  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • Dietary Supplemnets
  • Pet Food and Veterinary

The dietary supplements segment accounted for the highest market share of more than 35% in 2020.

Global Mussel Oil and powder Market based by Distribution Channel

  • Supermarket or Hypermarket
  • Pharmacy
  • E-commerce
  • Reatil Stores

The supermarket dominated the market with the largest market share of than 30% in 2020.

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Top Key Players:-

  • Bio-Mer Ltd
  • Nature’s Range
  • Aroma NZ Ltd.
  • Great HealthWorks
  • Blackmores Group
  • Henry Blooms Health Products
  • Lovely Health Ltd.
  • Xtend-Life
  • F.S.-Holland
  • Enzaq Aquaculture Ltd.
  • MacLab
  • Lintbells Ltd.


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