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GGG announced the most frequent purchases of POE Items and POE Currency on various platforms by POE players in recent times. So what are the most loved by players? Players can use the purchased items to add special effects to the character and decorate the weapon with a good-looking appearance to highlight their status in the game.

But there is also an unknown box in the game. Players opening this box may randomly obtain loot or something. However, these items do not really help players. Path of Exile is still a free game with high difficulty till now. So which items are the most frequently purchased by players? Players can find relevant information in the official POE forum. The forum contains the most popular skins for pets, armor and weapons.

Players can find Weta Pet as the most popular pet in the purchase frequency list published by GGG. Part of the reason why many people like it is because its price is low and it is in line with the general economic level. And players can get a free mysterious box after buying it. After all, everyone is willing to be with "Xianjian pet" and "innocent sword pet". Secondly, frog pets, lynx pets, scorpion pets, blue frog pets, and innocent sword pets. These pets are less popular than Weta Pet.

So which are the most popular portals for players? At the top of the list are the black hole portal, the forming portal, the demon king portal, the steam power portal, and the ultimate chaotic portal. The future game situation may change due to these random portals and more available effects. Players' favorite armor is the hell armor skin launched in 2015, and the celestial body and Stigya armor that will be released soon. In addition, hell armor, six-winged angel armor, devil king armor, vampire armor, etc.

More and more players have purchased these items to increase the fun of the game. However, it should be noted that regardless of the economic conditions of the player, it is necessary to carefully consider whether it meets the role positioning. Otherwise, players will lose a lot of POE Orbs and Exalted Orb and POE Items due to uncontrolled purchase. Of course, if the players are rich, they can also choose to Buy POE Currency at the agent to supplement their currency reserves. Come play POE!


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