NBA 2K20 update 1.13 patch notes

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NBA 2K20 has been completely updated on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. BA 2K20 update 1.13 takes up less than 500MB of memory, and the download time will not be too long, especially compared to previous updates. In this new experience, players can use NBA 2K2 MT Coins to assist themselves in completing the game, and obtaining this item in the game takes a lot of time and boring process for the player, so most players choose to buy NBA 2K20 MT on GameMS MT Coins are safe and convenient.

According to the latest patch release instructions, the latest NBA 2K20 update includes all regular adjustments and improvements. This includes improvements in performance and stability on consoles and PCs, regular troubleshooting, and certain frame rate improvements. NBA 2K20 Subreddit also fixed the MyTeam Unlimited vulnerability.

The following is a list of patch notes for NBA 2K20 update 1.13:

  Fixed crashing issues.
  Fixed stuttering and lag issues.
  Addressed framerate drop issues.
  Performance and stability improvements.
  Other minor under the hood fixes.
  Improved title stability and overall user experience.
  MyTeam Unlimited exploit has been fixed.
  Tattoo Bug-("The issue about tattoos being erased every time you add a new one")

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