How often do you hear about companies that are generating a ton of leads, but can't close sales?


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Unfortunately this happens very often to most B2B companies.

Who is to blame for this happening? The usual "suspects" are:

  • The marketing area, for not qualifying the leads well before passing them to sales.

  • The sales area, for being too aggressive.

  • The client, for not being committed to the business.

  • A bit of all of the above.

What to do, besides continuing to waste time looking for responsible parties and pointing fingers at others for not directing qualified leads to your website?

Learning to apply the best "lead nurturing" tactics is what helps companies today to convert more leads into satisfied customers.

Your sales strategies cannot be the same as 5 years ago.

What is lead nurturing?

According to Hubspot , it is the only Inbound Marketing tactic that allows you to build relationships with potential customers, even those who are not looking to buy your product or service anytime soon.

Building relationships is something that sounds easy, right? Believe it or not, many entrepreneurs and marketing and sales managers increasingly think that it is something too slow and difficult for them.

In this article I will share some statistics and data on lead nurturing in B2B companies, thinking that they will help you learn more about the most effective tactics.

Why do you need to do lead nurturing?

  • 73% of all B2B leads  are not ready for sale.

  • 50% of the leads are well qualified , but they don't want to buy.

  • 79% of MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) never become sales due to lack of nurturing

  • It takes, on average, 10 marketing actions to move from a lead that is at the top of the sales funnel to the bottom. That is, until they produce income for the company.

  • 80% of sales are closed between the 8th and 12th contact.

These statistics help to understand the power of initiating an intelligent lead nurturing strategy as part of the digital marketing that every B2B company must implement.

Most leads arrive before they are 100% ready to move forward with their purchasing decisions.

Only those sales and marketing teams with effective lead nurturing strategies will be able to respond quickly and appropriately.

It all comes down to resisting the urge to sell and avoiding talking about your product.

Giving these leads the information they need (when they need it) is the best way to help them make better purchasing decisions.

What is the best for effective lead nurturing?

  • Companies that use marketing automation tools to feed their leads' prospects experience a 451% increase in their qualified leads .

  • Companies that automate the management of their leads see an increase in sales of 10%, between 6 and 9 months after starting a lead nurturing strategy . 

  • Personalized emails improve click rates by 14% and conversion rates by more than 20%

  • 82% of the prospects of a B2B company believe that content is the most valuable element in lead nurturing campaigns.

Most B2B companies choose to provide information to their leads through emails.

I agree that emails are the most efficient and effective way to deliver relevant content.

But I also understand that the key is to use this tactic very carefully , but instead of driving leads to a successful sale, you will be driving your brand to the worst destination: the SPAM mailbox of your contacts.

3 articles that I recommend to learn more about lead nurturing:

  1. Building Brand Preference with Lead Nurturing
  2. How does Lead Nurturing work best?
  3. The 7 most effective Lead Nurturing tactics.

There are multiple ways to nurture your leads, but what doesn't exist is a standard solution.

However, in this incredible new world of digital marketing - and especially in Inbound Marketing - it is no longer something “optional”. Either you do it or you will be throwing money away.

That is why at GROU we dedicate time, effort and resources to teach companies how to take the time to research, learn and practice innovative lead nurturing campaigns that lead them to obtain the successful results they seek.


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