G Will Drive Edge Computing IoT

5G is making this and a lot more possible, with cheap, affordable and available technology to the end consumers.

what is 5G, let’s acknowledge internet growth. Fantastic internet abilities have led to seamless communication across the world between people and devices. Moving out of local comfort zones, people and businesses have headed towards the global market in stride. 

It is the developing infrastructure of the internet and machines that have made communication so much easier. Video conferencing, screen sharing, emailing documents and setting up virtual meetings is what doing business looks like today. Families that stay apart are able to communicate, send gifts and documents, stay connected all day because of the internet. 

A huge debt is owed to the internet but not just yet. The internet has more to offer. 

Imagine a world where a surgeon in London is operating on a patient in India via Robotic surgery and all being controlled via the Internet, Critical patient data is being sent in real-time to the Doctor, along with a live video of the patient area that is being operated upon, micro stitches, delicate procedures everything is being controlled via the Internet.  

In another corner of the world, in Japan, a drone is on its way to deliver packages ordered online by the shopper, and it makes a precise doorstep delivery of the same! While in the USA a Tesla car on Autopilot is driving it’s passengers safely back home from work! 

5G is making this and a lot more possible, with cheap, affordable and available technology to the end consumers. After being introduced in 2018 and now rising expectations of its deployment in 2019, here is everything you need to know about 5G. 

The 5th generation of connectivity for mobile phones and beyond is what 5G will be bringing to the world. It is a cellular mobile network with a major performance upgrade that will give connection to other objects and devices as well. A giant leap in data speed is its most defining feature. 

Wifi connections will be threatened by 5G speeds which are expected to be 50 Mbit/s and going up to over a gigabit. Along with speed, 5G will also reduce latency levels to 8-12 milliseconds. The connection will be coming through the air rather than wires owing to which 5G is able to manage high-speed levels. 

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