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Alfa Romeo Pushes the Best Car Deals of Giulia

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Giulia GTA is outfitted having a best car deals large rear wing, mid-mounted exhaust, central locking wheels and Brembo carbon ceramic brakes. Its 2.9T engine includes a maximum power 541 horsepower. It's worth mentioning the famous driver Raikkonen has took part in the introduction of the brand new vehicle. And test.

On the top of best car deals Alfa Romeo Clover, there's also GTA models with better performance. Lately, the particular Giulia GTA model was unveiled overseas. The brand new vehicle is going to be unveiled in the Bahrain F1 Grand Prix on March 28, and will also be offered inside a special edition of 500 units later on. It'll meet domestic consumers within the other half of the season. The state formerly announced cost starts at 176,500 euros, which is the same as about RMB 1.36 million.


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GTA means "Gran Turismo Alleggerita" and it is a "enhanced performance and light-weight" model in line with the Alfa Romeo Clover Edition. Actually, on the top of GTA, there's also GTAm models using the rear seats removed, and so i won’t get into details in the following paragraphs.

Even though it is dependant on four-leaf clover, Giulia GTA is a lot more radical. The big rear wing and mid-mounted exhaust are similar to racing cars in touring vehicle racing. And when compared to four-leaf clover version, the Giulia GTA's wheelbase has elevated by 50mm, the trunk wheels have added carbon fibre wide-body wheel eyebrows, as well as substituted for a main locking hub and Brembo carbon ceramic brakes.

Simultaneously, using lightweight materials reduced the load from the Giulia GTA by 100kg to 1520kg.

When it comes to power, the brand new vehicle continues to be outfitted having a 2.9T twin-turbocharged V6 engine having a maximum power 541 horsepower, that is 31 horsepower greater compared to 510 horsepower from the four-leaf clover version. The acceleration duration of the automobile is 3.6 seconds from 100 kilometers.

It's worth mentioning that, because the motorists from the Alfa Romeo team, Raikkonen and Giovinaz also took part in the event and testing from the new Giulia GTA, making certain the new vehicle can be used in daily driving and racing around the track. The best car deals performance in various scenarios is consistent.

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