So, you have decided that you have outgrown the plain, easy trails and now plan to tackle the more treacherous hiking paths in your area to improve your skill as a hiker. That is a big step forward!

But before you jump right onto the trail, check your gear list first to see if you are ready or not. While you might be prepared physically and mentally for the trail, you will still regret it greatly if your equipment is not up to the task. Many hikers have suffered gross injuries as a result of bad-quality gear. Among the common injuries reported, swellings or a sprained ankle as a result of a low-quality pair of hiking boots is surprisingly popular.

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Invest in a good pair of hiking boots!

While you may be okay with a nice pair of sport trainers on plain and even hiking trails, rougher trails will be a horror in those shoes. Hiking boots are designed to be durable and are capable of withstanding everything that the wild has to throw against you like mud, standing water, rain and so on. They are armored with metal components and extra paddings to protect your feet against sharp rocks and debris that could puncture through thinner, less specialized shoes.

But even the best pair of boots can fall apart without cleaning and maintenance. As a result, among the most important habits that a hiker must have is the habit of taking especial care for your hiking boots.

To help you form this hugely useful routine, our team has created a detailed cleaning guide to get you started!

In the first half of the guide, we talked about the reasons why you should clean your hiking boots often and a detailed look into hiking boots. That include the different types of boots and a view into the different materials that they are made from. With this info, you can determine how to best clean your shoes, how to maintain them, and how frequent you ought to service them (still, if possible, we recommend that you go through the routine every time you come back from a hike.)

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The second part has all of the things that you need to know about cleaning and maintaining the boots. From spot cleaning techniques for lightly-used shoes to step-by-step instructions on how to deep clean for the dirtiest and most worn down shoes to restore their condition. After that, you will find some maintenance tips, including how to take care of the waterproof layer, how to treat the leather material in the outer shell, and how to remove bad smell if your shoes have developed bad odor over time.

Ending the guide are some tips on how you can extend the service life of your shoes. Because these are working shoes, no matter how fortified they are they can wear down pretty quickly. Professional hikers who frequently hike usually go through multiple pairs in a short amount of time. By knowing how to keep your shoes from being damaged, you will save quite a lot of money in the long run by not having to continuously replace them.

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A Quick Guide on How to Clean Hiking Boots - Cleaning And Washing A Hiking Shoes

A Quick Guide on How to Clean Hiking Boots - Cleaning And Washing A Hiking Shoes

It’s ideally that you take care of your hiking boots whenever you finish your outdoor trips. Find out exactly how to clean hiking boots with our in-depth guides.