Why Is Website Penetration Testing The Need Of The Hour?

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Corporates have learnt this the hard way that vulnerabilities and loopholes in the security system can disrupt the business with the loss of money, reputation and much more. Not alone the advancements in technology and Convenience BUT unprecedented times has forced us go digital, and the internet tend to capture a lot about us and our businesses.

The web access and these cloud-based applications introduce a new attack surface by malicious third parties, giving hackers the leverage to use the facts and take advantage of any vulnerability.

The security issues are nothing but a ticking bomb waiting to blow off. You have to identify the loopholes and mitigate the vulnerabilities to protect the business and its data.

A penetration test is a simulated cyber-attack used for web application security assessment, and vulnerability assessment. The penetrators use the hacker style on an application or website to gauge the gravity of the vulnerability, and potentially exploit to a level permitted.

To sum up, the web application security assessment is the first step towards safety. As the application vulnerability assessment finds the loopholes and the degree of risk attached to it, the security and IT teams can try to cover the loophole. Web application assessment can use manual and automated processes, and an experienced security engineers do the manual process.

Vulnerability Assessment Penetration Testing (VAPT) lets one anticipate possible mishaps and contributes to better risk management for your application.

To conclude, web application penetration testing can help in:

– Identification and fixing of security flaws

– Providing a holistic view on secure integrations

– Emulating real-life cyberattack scenarios for mitigations

– Uncovering potential vulnerabilities and threats

– Preparing organization for real-life cyberattacks

– And (ultimately), Protect from Financial and Reputational losses

VAPT is primarily done in three phases of information gathering, discovering the issue, and exploiting the vulnerability. In information gathering, the pen tester tries to find flaws in the access or application. The second step of discovering is when tools are deployed to uncover security flaws missed by the scans. These overlooked flaws can be a trouble to the business and need to be identified. The third and final phase of exploitation is done manually to weed out false positives and exfiltrate relevant information from the target to maintain persistence.

However, if you think you are new to the field of cybersecurity or protecting your online information asset, you can reach out to the experts of Netrika Consulting India. The specialized team will help you secure your business and its information. They will guide you and provide fixation steps to patch the flaws.

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