Blink - SE01 Torch Special Edition

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Blink SE-01 Solo Flame Torch

This Special Edition Blink Torch SE-02 is one of a kind from all the Blink Torch lineups. It comes in several colors and lights up to 1300°C / 2500°F. You can caramelize your sugars or creme brulee, light you cigars or your dab nails!

Continuous Fire Mode

To turn it on and have it stay on, press the button to light fire. While active, rotate the button clockwise. To turn it off, turn it back the other way.

Easy to Operate

To light a fire, simply press the button. It's super easy to operate. The gas flow regulator and air flow control valve are easy to automate. You can easily control the flame intensity.


The Blink SE-02 Solo Flame Torch has a security lock design which prevents from accidental ignition. It has a wide base which helps it from tipping over. It's made from an aluminum alloy body for long lasting use. It comes with an extended angle nozzle which adds to its safety by keeping your hand away from the flame.

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