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The Whizz Kit, which is uni****, is the Whizzinator's uni**** version. The belt can be worn around the waist as a refillable belt. It holds synthetic urine in a pouch. Once it is used up, you can refill it with a syringe included with your Whizz Kit. The box is ready to use straight out of the package. The Whizz Kit includes 4 oz. of toxin-free, premixed synthetic urine. Our urine contains Creatine and Uric Acid, which are also found in natural urine. It is also balanced for specific gravity and PH. Your kit also includes two organic heat pads that can be activated by shaking them after they are opened, one 60ml refillable syringe, a temperature strip attached directly to your pouch, as well as a 100% cotton elastic belt. You can also view a step-by–step video tutorial on how you can use your Whizz Kit.

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