Where does bdsm begin and where does it end?

Hello forum members. When everyone thinks of the word "bondage" a certain image comes to mind. Some see full-body latex suits, others see domineering women with whips in their hands, others fantasize about unimaginable perversions. What's an odsm for you?

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Mark Bartra·

In general, there is some truth in all this, but people forget that, first of all, bondage is a world without frames and complexes, a way to get rid of the accumulated aggression, to escape from their problems and to open new boundaries of their possibilities. I'm still practicing bondage body harness and I'm starting to like it. I plan to move on to something more serious in the future.

Max Velin·

The first thing that personally comes to my mind when I hear the word bondage is bondage. And it's not just ropes! Bondage includes tying, restraining with various handcuffs and restraints, and even putting in a cage.