What is the Job Role of a Customer Representative?

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jabir sheikh

9 days ago

Posted: 9 days ago
If anyone wants to work as a customer representative then you must know, what can be the job responsibilities of a customer representative or customer support agent. A customer representative must-have skills of communication, know the products and services description of their company, respond promptly to the customer’s inquiry, and maintain a positive and empathetic attitude. You can get cv created for this job from cv maker at reasonable prices. Further details of the job role are, managing incoming calls of customers and customer service inquiries, and generating sales leads that develop into new customers.
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Posted: 2 days ago
I have done a bachelor's in English Communication and I want to serve my skills in the field of Customer Support. Please tell me professional cv maker UK should I hire to get my cv done? I have excellent verbal and communication skill which is I think the main requirement of the Job in any company. I can talk and convince the customers politely and can understand their point of views.