Top e-learning mobile apps in 2022

For firms with distributed employees across different regions and time zones, e-learning is a perfect training alternative – especially for individuals who have migrated to remote work during the pandemic. Following are five e-learning tools loved by android application development company in USA that can be pretty helpful.

EdApp is an award-winning e-learning mobile software that allows each learner to have a flexible and productive learning experience.

Yarno is a mobile eLearning programme that allows you to efficiently teach your staff no matter where they are.

Violet LMS, as a full-service training solution, acts as a strategic partner by ensuring that your staff have long-term expertise in areas like onboarding, staff, sales, and compliance training.

Also worth trying are Kahoot and WIZIQ.

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Elizabeth Navarro·

Hi, my favorite app is, I use it everyday in my work and for study. I'm a landscape designer, and happens that I don't know what plant it is. This app helps me and study me.